Matt Dupuy is a subeditor, writer and sometime bass player for numerous bands that you won’t have heard of, unless you are from Suffolk and of a certain age and inclination. He enjoys buying books and records second-hand, as it brings back the unpredictable joy he used to get from finding interesting and unexpected things when digging through the ‘Punk/Indie 7″‘ section in the Record Pedlar when he was a teenager. This hobby annoys his girlfriend, who uses Spotify and cannot understand why he keeps guiltily bringing home bags full of obsolete physical media, like a cat leaving dead things on the doorstep. He thinks that songs and books without context are effectively useless, and that at least 50% of the appeal of London Calling comes from the cover and the sleevenotes written out in Strummer’s handwriting. Sometimes, when he is feeling particularly sentimental, that figure can go as high as 90%.

Occasionally, he might hold forth on other subjects, such as politics, Formula 1, machinery of various kinds and football, because he’s a boy and he can’t help it.

Matt Dupuy lives in north London, but will always be from Bury St Edmunds. The first second-hand record he ever bought was ‘Funeral Pyre’ by The Jam on 7″. He still has it and still thinks it is The Jam’s best single. Why Weller got rid of Buckler and Foxton in favour of Mick Talbot will always baffle him.


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